Canada: Let the Adventure Begin!

Adventure Time!

I spent three nights in Vancouver couchsurfing, preparing for the Canadian winter in the Yukon Territory by buying ski pants, gloves and a good jacket at Army and Navy (cheap and good quality!) and walking around a snowy Vancouver looking at the German Christmas market (nothing compared to the one in Vienna) and the Christmas lights show in Stanley park which is nice to look at.



On December 23rd I boarded my plane to Whitehorse where my next longer stop and workaway stay would be. In Tagish, 1 and ½ hours south of Whitehorse. I was picked up by the other volunteers because my host was in Calgary visiting his family for Christmas. What better ways to start your adventure in the Canadian wilderness than having your truck break down on you at the Alaska Highway? That happened, around midnight and luckily there was a car behind us and they helped us stay warm until the tow truck and a friend of my host would come to pick up the truck and bring us home. And because that was not enough the next day our generator died leaving us without electricity and the third day we ran out of water having to walk 8km to the community well because we had no car.



The next day our host returned and we started fixing everything. By now we have two working cars and a working generator and things have calmed down…well except for the temperature that keeps going back and forth between -33 one week and -2 (we call it summer by now and we do not wear jackets) the next…



My workaway job here is running errands and doing the grocery shopping as well as collecting and splitting firewood, cleaning the house and cooking with the other volunteers in exchange for food, accommodation and road trips ;)


Down below are some pictures from Tagish Lake! We went there on one of my first days...I was stunned by the amount of snow and the fact that you could actually walk and even ride your snowmobile on the frozen lake!


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