Australia: Where have I been?!?!

Where have I been?!?!

Those who follow me on Instagram (@zita_fi) know it already: Three weeks off the phone, on a ranch where there is hardly any reception and no WiFi. Every time I wanted reception I had to go on a 15 min quad bike ride up a hill I rather stayed away from my phone and enjoyed living. No phone, no media, no messages that make me nervous and distract me and I can tell you: it was really nice!


The ranch I worked at was my second workaway stop: a cattle ranch called “Seaside” near Yuleba, Queensland. I got up at 7 a.m. every morning, had breakfast and spent about half an hour with every day duties and feeding five cute little Kelpie puppies! I miss them…then I did whatever work there was to do that day. Sometimes my hosts would take me with them to go fix fences or muster the cattle – by bike or by horse and I really enjoyed that! I spent most of my free time going for a ride or playing with my puppies. Some days I went up for reception to update my mom and my two closest friends and – of course – to update you guys via Instagram! Whenever there is only few reception I’ll update my Instagram first so be sure to follow me there!


a puppy sleeping on my lap, black sweater, kelpie puppie on a girls lap
One of the puppies - the others joined soon and all five slept on my lap!

mustering the cattle by bike or horse, a lot of cows staring at us with calves on a meadow in australia
Out mustering the cattle!

I got to visit Roma week two I spent there and we went to the Roma Saleyards: the biggest cattle saleyards in the southern hemisphere imagine that! Up to 9.000 cattle were there that day, classified in a lot of different groups and being sold in an incredibly fast pace! I couldn’t understand the auctioneer at all!


One weekend they took the time to drive up to Chinchilla with me to visit the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft with me. It is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before and now I definitely understand why my host was so fond about his horses following his commands. One tiny mistake and so much could go wrong! It was a really nice day and I got to take some nice pictures too.



The last weekend they spoiled me with cake and delicious dessert and I even got the chance to ride one of their campdraft horses and work a cow on my own! An amazing experience to feel that strength under you working and turning, catapulting the horse forwards to chase the cow…I really hope to come back and do it again to improve my skills!


campdraft in chinchilla australia, cow cattle beast and horse with rider running, campdrafting
Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft!
brahmen and mix cattle staring into the camera at the saleyards in roma, australia cows
At the Roma saleyards...

Well…now you’ve got a short recap on what I’ve been up to…spoiler for the days to come: more on South Africa – I just couldn’t publish the finished posts – and two or three entries on the biggest sand island worldwide, where I’m sitting in my bed right now, writing this. Fraser Island!

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