South Africa: Dinner in Nieu-Bethesda

My last week there on the farm some lovely people arrived. They come here every year, sometimes even twice and this one was their 9th visit! One day they invited us to braai with them, it was a very delightful evening with good food (Max made pumpkin tart!) and the other night – JP and Hester were off to a wedding – they said we could join them for dinner in Nieu-Bethesda. That was a great opportunity as I could finally give the „Ibis Lounge“ there I try, something I didn’t get to do last time I was in town. So at half past six we drove down to Nieu-Bethesda, first stopped at the local shop where I couldn’t resist and bought a little cement owl as a souvenir, and then headed to the restaurant. As they are now changing more and more into a BnB instead of a restaurant it’s advised to call beforehand to check if they’re open! They’ll send you a menu where you pick what you want so they know exactly how much to cook each evening. We entered and a lovely lady showed us to our table. In total they only have four tables so a reservation is very wise. The small dining area is decorated very nicely and if you’re willing to spend some money they even sell it – although it’s quite expensive. Then we had our starters, I don’t remember what they were called but they were very good: two baked buns, one filled with pepper and cheese, the other with some pickled greens and cheddar – I liked this one more! After that everyone got what they had chosen previously: the other volunteer and the husband got their lamb curry, his nephew a T-bone steak and me and the lady oxtail. My first time trying oxtail and I’d definitely pick it again!

Then, for dessert, the owner did a very wise thing: instead of giving people a choice they could never ever chose from she decided to give a little portion of each: malva pudding with vanilla custard – very good although I have to say not as good as Max’s at Ganora! - lemon meringue and some little tart with berries and chocolate sauce. The portions were rather small but all in all delicious. After that their nephew and I chose to have some coffee. A really nicely prepared cappuccino that’s included in the price of the dinner so why not take it?


In the end, everyone was very full and we happily drove home. If you want to change up your menu for a day go to the Ibis! They also offer accommodation, in case you were still looking for something in town and not on a farm.

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