South Africa: Karoo-lus Festival

The Karoo-lus Festival

The Karoo-lus Festival is rather new to Graaff-Reinet, it started taking place only a few years back. If JP didn't mention it one evening I would've missed it without knowing! It takes place annually on the big rugby and cricket field of the local high school. You'll find lots of little booths offering delicious food or gifts - in a tent you could even buy a sofa! There will be different local singers performing on a stage and in the evening we watched the rugby match on a big screen. For VIP guests (you have to register) there is also a wildlife auction: buffalo, zebras, springbok and many about sending a giraffe back home?


At first it seemed like we wouldn't have the chance to go because we had a tourist group coming in for lunch that Saturday and no one was there to give us a lift to Graaff-Reinet. Coming back would've been even more of a problem...So, we almost gave up hope but in the end the student that spent a few days here deciding whether or not to come and work at Ganora for his studies - he will - said he could go with us. So, Hester borrowed us her car and we drove off to the festival! First stop: food! I got some rather cheap chips with honey mustard sauce - sounds weird but tasted good. We then walked around a little and soon the other volunteer came across a booth selling biltong - dried meat. In his case: "chili bites". He bought a bunch for 50 RAND, not knowing that it would be a lot of them, but we finished it and they were really good. Personally I don't like too spicy food but they were just right.

Because I love food I couldn't resist the mini doughnuts for 15 RAND - they had chocolate sauce and sprinkles! They were so delicious too...*sigh* Well, we got a drink and sat down in the grass, chatting and passing time before walking around the booths again. I wanted to buy something for my mum or my friends but couldn't find anything. I only saw a really cool guitar made out of an old can and other trash but hey, I wouldn't be able to play it anyways.

As we were about to sit down again, preparing for the kick-off of the rugby match we passed a small tent with a cute sign - I took a picture of it when passing it the first time - and the student suddenly said "Look, here's the place for you!". I tried reading the sign, it's not that easy to read Afrikaans though, but he then told me that it said cake...and of course, if it says "Cake" I have to enter: big mistake! Home-baked cake, done by old grandmas - the best kind of cake! So, we decided to share the last piece of red velvet cake and it was delicious. Although afterwards I felt very guilty, eating all of that...but it was totally worth it! And only 10 RAND!


So, when you're in South Africa and have the chance to visit Graaff-Reinet for the Karoo-lus festival (usually end of September/October), do it! It's definately worht it!

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