South Africa: Game Drive

Can't miss out on a Game Drive!

One of the neighbouring farms is the game farm “Wilgeborsch” – the owners are Italian but a friend of Hester and JP was maintaining the farm and he usually takes the volunteers from Ganora for a game drive. First time I went with JP and a friend of them, who came to visit from Graaff-Reinet. We saw a lot of kudu, springbok, waterbuk, wildebeests and impalas!



The second time the other volunteer joined as well and we went with Michael – the guy managing the farm – so we got to go off the public road and drive a little deeper into the farmlands. This time we even got to see some zebra in the distance, as well as baboons, springbok, eland and many more – most of them I had already seen on my first game drive but the feeling was different. We were standing at the back of the buggy instead of sitting inside in the front of the vehicle and therefore got to look all around us. In the end we even had a spitting competition – in Austria we used to do that with cherries but here in South Africa they use…well…springbok faeces. But hey, I won the competition!



Although we got to see a lot of animals I got to admit: best go with JP! For whatever reason he works like an animal magnet! Blesbok at the side of the road when coming from Graaff-Reinet, a baboon sitting next to the road when going to Nieu-Bethesda and we even got to see an Aardvark when we drove home from the community evening one time!


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